Bispharma is a marketing company established in 2013.

At present our company is developing activities in several trade areas.


services in pharmaceutical industry


provision of health care


area dedicated to pets


Our management gained initial experience from working for multinational companies such as: Merck Serono, Novartis, Bayer, Sanofi Aventis. Our team is made up of people with long term experience in healthcare, crisis management and petfood sales. Our main goal is to use the skills acquired in multinational companies. We believe this experience together with an enthusiastic approach to work will lead to the maximum satisfaction of our clients and partners.

In what we excelling

We are aware that the development of human potential is the key to the success of any company

Outsourcing 95%
Personal development 80%
Marketing activities 65%
Training 55%

bg32PRODUCT & PERSONNEL “OUTSOURCING” – Bispharma is a company that is engaged in providing experienced personnel for companies with a valid registration that market pharmaceutical products, but do not have the staff capacity to effectively promote and sell the products. Our company also offers personnel “outsourcing”.

MARKETING ACTIVITIES & MARKET RESEARCH – Bispharma realizes that to be prepared to develop a business plan is very important. The basis of this plan is high quality market research on which we will prepare a detailed marketing plan and strategy. We are ready to find alternative ways to implement these strategies.

 REGISTRATION & CATEGORIZATION – Bispharma company will provide you with service that includes drug registration and categorization (reimbursement from public insurance). Of course we represent our clients in negotiations with all parties involved in these processes.

TRAINING AND TEAM TRAINING ACTIVITIES – We are aware that the development of human potential is the key to the success of any company

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